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The SER-2408 Event Recorder provides precision time-stamped event reporting for 24 high-speed digital inputs and 8 outputs.

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Introducing the CyTime TM SER-2408 Sequence of Events Recorder

The SER-2408 is the newest addition to the CyTime family of Event Recorders from Cyber Sciences. It has all the features of the field-proven SER-3200, but features 24 high-speed digital inputs and 8 relay outputs. Both models use GPS technology to time-stamp power system events with 1 ms precision to enable power system reliability.

SER for data centers and hospitals.

The SER-3200/SER-2408 are part of electrical power monitoring and control systems (EPMS) in mission-critical facilities such as data centers and hospitals, in sequence of events recording (SER) applications and emergency power supply systems (EPSS) testing.

Power SCADA for process industries.

The SER-3200/SER-2408 offer precision event recording for supervisory control and data acquisition systems in continuous processes such as refineries, water treatment plants and electric utility power distribution networks.

Microgrids and alternative energy.

The SER-3200/SER-2408 provide critical data for root-cause analysis in microgrids and alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar. When used with compatible power monitors or protective relays, the SER-3200/SER-2408 trigger waveform captures coincident with events, for advanced diagnostics and preventive maintenance.
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CyTime SER-2408 named CSE 2014 Product of the Year Finalist.  More...


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