Precision Timing for Reliable Power.  Simplified.
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PTP Changes Everything!

CyTime™ Sequence of Events Recorders are an essential part of an Electrical Power Monitoring System (EPMS). High-speed digital I/O (32) monitor the status of circuit breakers, relays, generators, or UPS equipment.   PTP (per IEEE 1588) enables automatic time synchronization over Ethernet to 1 ms.

Specifically, Cyber Sciences proposes the “Simple PTP” profile (SPTP), which achieves hi-res time sync without special Ethernet switches.   Do you have some relays or meters that don’t support PTP yet?  No problem.   An SER-3200/2408 can accept PTP, then output the legacy protocol required.


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Tech Note TN-100:

Hi-Res Time Synchronization in Modern Power Systems Using PTP (IEEE 1588)

Executive Summary

Electrical Power Monitoring Systems need precision timing.   In the past, 1-ms event recording required dedicated cabling of multiple time-sync signals, limiting applications to only the largest projects.

Precision Time Protocol (PTP) per IEEE 1588 enables highly precise time synchronization over a network, due primarily to time-stamping embedded in the 1588 Ethernet hardware.  Most power industry papers have focused on the Power Profile and PTP’s potential to achieve microsecond accuracy, but the associated cost and complexity are unnecessary for EPMS and SER, where 1-µs is not needed.

This paper proposes a “Simple PTP” Profile (SPTP) based on the IEEE 1588 Default Profile (Annex J).  By relaxing some requirements of the Power Profile and simplifying others, 100-µs accuracies over Ethernet are now possible—and affordable—just right for modern commercial/industrial EPMS.