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Cyber Sciences is located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (USA), about 25 miles southeast of Nashville.   [ Map/Directions ]

Business Hours:

8:00am to 4:30pm
(UTC-06:00—US Central Time)

GPS Coordinates:

Latitude = 35.8876921 (N 35 53 15.692)
Longitude = -86.3843903 (W 86 23 3.805)


Cyber Sciences Corporate Info

Cyber Sciences, Inc. (CSI) is a manufacturer of high-quality specialty products for monitoring and control of electrical distribution systems for data centers, hospitals, microgrids and alternative energy and other critical-power facilities.  Key applications include sequence of events recording (SER) and GPS time synchronization, helping customers ensure the reliability, safety and efficiency of their electrical power systems.  As a component supplier, Cyber Sciences enables OEMs, systems integrators and solution providers to complete their own comprehensive solutions for their end-customers.

Company History

Cyber Sciences was founded in 2000 and has been supplying quality products to the electrical industry since 2001.  All products are made in the USA.  With the introduction of its SER-3200 Event Recorder in 2010, the company is building on its expertise in GPS time synchronization and precision time protocols. In February, 2015, CSI celebrated its 15-year anniversary and continues to grow.

Advanced Manufacturing

Cyber Sciences is committed to being a modern manufacturing facility.  Final assembly and test are done in-house by a staff of experienced technicians.   Advanced manufacturing processes, failure analysis, and test capabilities allow us to meet increasing demand at the highest quality.   Our Design for Excellence, Supply-chain Management, and Customer-focused processes keep us in front of the technology curve.

Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility

Cyber Sciences is committed to error-free work and defect prevention on a daily basis.  As part of our efforts towards this goal, we clearly define and communicate requirements, and continuous improvement is designed into every aspect of our business.   Our internal processes ensure that those responsible for the execution of a project are involved with the system setup and have the best resources at their disposal.

Big-company Quality, Small-company Speed

The principals of the business, Lee Wallis and Robert Kennedy, have over 75 years combined industry experience and a proven track record for successful product development and marketing.   At Schneider Electric, their work developing and launching the Square D PowerLogic product line led to a profitable global division for the company, as well as a domestic sales and services entity to offer engineered solutions based on these products.   Today, Mr. Wallis and Mr. Kennedy bring to Cyber Sciences big-company experience and small-company passion and responsiveness to benefit customers.


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Cyber Sciences, Inc.
229 Castlewood Dr
Suite E
Murfreesboro, TN 37129 USA
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