Precision Timing for Reliable Power.  Simplified.
Hospital Emergency Entrance


Hospitals require reliable power 24/7. Electrical power distribution systems designed for hospitals are complex, especially Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS).  

We needed to automate the EPSS testing required by the AHJ.  The CyTime SER-2408 monitors status of all our ATS and makes our testing faster and more efficient. 

EPSS Test Reporting.  To ensure reliable backup power when it's needed, hospitals are required by the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to test the entire EPSS system regularly, per specific protocols.  In addition, recordkeeping is required to document that all tests were performed successfully.  Compliance can be done manually, but automation of the test and reports can greatly increase productivity and improve service to the medical staff affected by the tests.  The CyTime SER-2408 Event Recorder has 24 inputs and 8 outputs, with flexible group assignments, to monitor ATS or generator status.  By time-stamping each action to 1ms, EPSS test records can be generated from reliable data.

Sequence of Events Recording Systems.  Sequence of Events Recording (SER) systems provide high-speed logging of power system events, time-stamped to 1ms accuracy.  Typically, a GPS antenna and receiver obtains a highly accurate time reference, and this is distributed to SER devices using PTP (IEEE 1588) or a legacy protocol such as IRIG-B or DCF77..  SER devices then maintain their own clocks synchronized to this time, allowing recorded events to be compiled and analyzed from all devices in the system, not simply in isolation.  This information is essential for hospital engineers and maintenance personnel to reconstruct "what happened and when" following a transfer to emergency power or other disturbances.