Precision Timing for Reliable Power.  Simplified.


Cyber Sciences makes speciality products for critical power applications, including data centers, hospitals, and more. Click one of the markets below to learn more about relevant Cyber Sciences products and the applications for each market.

Data Centers

data centers

Data centers rely on complex power systems to ensure uptime.  Precision timing enables Sequence of Events Recording (SER) and forensic analysis essential for reliable power.



Hospital engineers need to know their Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS) will operate properly when needed.  Automated reporting of mandatory tests and SER systems represent best practices.



Industrial power and control systems require interoperability of devices from various manufacturers.  In addition, SER systems help ensure reliable power for "critical power" applications.

Microgrids and
Alternative Energy

Microgrids are electrical power distribution systems designed to operate independently from the electric power grid, often integrating alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power.