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Masterpact breaker Time Sync


SER typical Monitored Points

  • Breaker status: open/closed/tripped
  • Relay trip signal: normal/trip
  • Control switches: open/close commands
  • Control scheme status: auto/manual/test
  • Auto-transfer switch (ATS) status: normal/emergency/test
  • UPS status: normal/transfer/bypass
  • Generator status: stopped/running
  • Battery status: normal/alarm
  • TVSS, transformer temperature, fan status and other auxiliary contacts and alarms


Masterpact Time Sync and Event Recording

Modern industrial/commercial power systems require precise time synchronization of all devices to ensure meaningful data for analysis and reliable operation.   Masterpact breakers from Schneider Electric, like most LV breakers, do not support precision time sync directly.   CyTime™ SER-3200/2408 Sequence of Events Recorders from Cyber Sciences complement Masterpact breakers by timestamping open/close/trip and other state changes to 1 msec.   SER-3200/2408 Event Recorders sync with each other automatically using PTP, enabling Masterpact breakers to be an essential part of any Sequence of Events Recording (SER) system.

Typical Breaker Contacts Wiring

Each SER-3200 Event Recorder has 32 high-speed digital inputs to monitor contacts from circuit breakers and other discrete points. For Masterpact breakers, at least two contacts per breaker are needed.  Typically four (4) contacts per breaker are used, as shown below.

  • Normally open (OF) contact to report "Open" state
  • Normally closed (OF) contact to report "Closed" state
  • Tripped (SD) contact to report trip from external signal (e.g., control scheme)
  • Overcurrent Trip (SDE) contact to report overcurrent trip state

Masterpact breaker contacts

Using two separate (OF) contacts for open/close status monitoring enables positive indication of open/close (to distinguish vs. wiring defects, control power loss, etc.) if only one contact were used.   As shown above, other Masterpact contacts can be wired to the SER-3200 to provide additional valuable data, such as drawout position, switch status or control scheme data for comprehensive monitoring.  By measuring the elapsed time between the initiating signals and the resulting status (start/stop pairs), breaker opening times under different conditions can be compared.

For more advantages of circuit breaker monitoring, please read:
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