Precision Timing for Reliable Power.  Simplified.


Cyber Sciences specializes in precision timing for electric power distribution systems and industrial automation. Technologies include GPS time-sync and GPS protocols, PTP (IEEE 1588), IRIG-B, DCF77 and NTP.  Time-stamps with 1ms accuracy are necessary for Sequence of Events Recording (SER) and other advanced reporting and diagnostics.

GPS Time Sync

GPS time sync

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) provide a precise time reference for power system or automation devices, ensuring time synchronization within 1ms even across long distances.

PTP (IEEE 1588)


Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is defined in IEEE Std 1588 as a means to achieve high-resolution (sub-millisecond) time-sync over an Ethernet network.



IRIG-B is an older precision-time protocol supported by several Cyber Sciences products and various relay and meter manufacturers.



DCF77 is another precision-time protocol supported by several Cyber Sciences products.  Less common than IRIG-B, DCF77 offers some advantages and is used by meters from Eaton and Schneider Electric.