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Training Course—CyTime SER-3200 Event Recorders

The CyTime Event Recorder features 32 high-speed digital inputs and records status changes time-stamped to 1 ms.  In this online tutorial, you'll learn all about the SER-3200—mounting, wiring, setup, operation and many more useful technical details.

Welcome  [ play video ] 1.12
1—Introduction  [ play video ] 3:10
–GPS Time Synchronization  
–CyTime SER-3200 Overview  
2—Installation / Wiring  [ play video ] 6:30
–DIN-mounting the SER-3200  
–EZC-IRIG-B Connector  
–Wiring Connections  
–System Architectures  
3—Setup  [ play video ] 3:13
–Direct Connection to PC (Initial Setup)  
–Setup via Standard Web Browser  
4—Operation  [ play video ] 3:44
–Local LCD Display and Keypad  
–Embedded Web Server: Monitoring, Control, Diagnostics  
5—Advanced Topics [ play video ] 9:15
–Ethernet Communications Using Modbus TCP/IP  
–Event Log: File Access and Decoding  
–Command Interface  
–Setup Templates: Alternate Setup by Editing XML File  
–Firmware Updates  
QUIZ [ play video ] (self-paced)
Conclusion [ play video ] 1:18