Precision Timing for Reliable Power.  Simplified.
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Training Course—GPS Time Synchronization

Reliable power starts with precision timing.  GPS time synchronization allows power system devices to share a common time reference, accurate to within 1 ms or better.  In this online tutorial, you'll learn all about GPS time sync in power systems—GPS antenna, receiver, protocols and system architectures.

Welcome  [ play video ] 1.07
1—Introduction  [ play video ] 5:30
–GPS Time Synchronization Benefits  
–Systems Overview  
2—IRIG-B  [ play video ] 10:44
–Protocol Overview  
–Typical Applications  
3—DCF77  [ play video ] 4:22
–Protocol Overview  
–Typical Applications  
4—1per10  [ play video ] 4:22
–Protocol Overview  
–Typical Applications  
5—Network Time Sync [ play video ] 2:47
–PTP (IEEE-1588)  
–IEEE-1588 Example  
6—System Architectures [ play video ] 4:55
–Basic Systems  
–Distributed IRIG-B for Large Systems  
–Hybrid Systems  
–Other Considerations  
7—Application Example [ play video ] 7:49
–Sample System  
QUIZ [ play video ] (self-paced)
Conclusion [ play video ] 1:21