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Cyber Sciences presents GPS TECHTM—technical training on GPS time-sync technology for power system applications.  Courses may be viewed online, started and stopped according to your schedule, or skip ahead just to those sections of special interest. A comprehensive quiz is offered at the end of each module, allowing you to demonstrate your superior knowledge and intellect.  We'll even send you a certificate of completion—just let us know how you did.

GPS Time Synchronization

GPS time synchronization allows power system devices to share a common time reference, accurate to within 1 ms or better. In this course, you'll learn about GPS time sync in power systems—GPS antenna, receiver, protocols and system architectures.   Finally, there's an application example to bring it all together and let you know what to expect during startup and operation, to ensure your next project goes smoothly.

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SER-3200 Event Recorders

The CyTime Event Recorder features 32 high-speed digital inputs, recording status changes time-stamped to 1 ms. In this course, you'll learn all about the SER-3200—mounting, wiring, setup, operation and many more useful technical details.

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