Loss of power for a critical facility is COSTLY. Whether it is a power outage or power anomaly, determining what happened and how to recover quickly is essential. Cyber Sciences develops innovative solutions such as the Sequence of Events Recorder to help in event reconstruction and power restoration. These solutions precisely synchronize equipment across the power system and accurately record events to 1 millisecond providing users with the most reliable and accurate data. This data is easily integrated into any power monitoring system for enhanced analysis allowing for quick recovery from power events and preventing future recurrences.

Precision Time Synchronization

Sequence of Event Recording to 1ms

Ease of Installation and Integration

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Our Solutions

  • Improve Recovery Time

    Each minute of downtime is costly for critical facilities. Our solutions provide the essential data needed before, during and after a critical power incident to help recover quickly.

  • Improve Business Reputation

    The integrity of a critical facility depends on its uptime and power reliability. Disruption of service will cause concern and lack of trust. Improve business continuity through quick root-cause analysis and event reconstruction.

  • Improve Operational Costs

    Significantly reduce operating costs by having the best information readily available to determine equipment status and identify how to quickly bring it back into proper operating service.

Cyber Sciences

No matter how well designed, no critical facility system can operate indefinitely without failure. When something goes wrong you need answers, and fast! Cyber Sciences… the world leader in critical power loss event recording.

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