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CSI News

CyTime PTP-enabled SER-3200/2408 Awarded CSE 2016 Product of the Year SILVER!

Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine announced the winners of their 2016 Product of the Year competition, and Cyber Sciences CyTime Event Recorders won the SILVER award in the Test Instruments, Meters, and Data Loggers category.
CyTime SER-3200/2408 Event Recorders are the first to use PTP (IEEE 1588) to achieve hi-res time synchronization over Ethernet for commercial/industrial applications.   One CyTime SER serves as PTP master and all other CyTime SER devices sync automatically within 100 microseconds—without special Ethernet switches.   Since most relays or meters don't yet support PTP, an SER-3200/2408 also serves as time-sync master for these devices, generating the legacy protocol required.   This eliminates the redundant cabling between equipment lineups normally needed for sub-millisecond timing.

PTP-enabled SER (per IEEE 1588) changes everything!

Cyber Sciences, Inc. announced the addition of Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to CyTime™ Sequence of Events Recorders SER-3200/2408.   PTP (defined in IEEE Std 1588™) enables sub-millisecond time synchronization over an Ethernet network.   The breakthrough technology is the “hardware-assisted” time-stamping by the special 1588-compliant Ethernet hardware in the SER devices.   Cyber Sciences also introduced the Simple PTP Profile (SPTP), based on IEEE 1588 Default Profile, which leverages the same Ethernet network used for power monitoring.   One CyTime SER serves as PTP grandmaster clock and all other CyTime SERs (and other PTP devices) sync automatically.
[ Full press release ]

New or revised documents include:
Events Happen (I-Heart-1588) Postcard Handout postcard
DataSheet: Time Sync via PTP (IEEE 1588) data sheet
Presentation: PTP-Enabled SER presentation
Tech Note: Hi-Res Time-Sync via PTP (1588) Tech Note TN-100
Tech Note: SER System Architectures Tech Note TN-101
IB–Users Guide: CyTime SER-3200/2408 Event Recorders Users Guide
IB–Reference Guide: CyTime SER-3200/2408 Event Recorders Reference Guide

SockMonkey game demonstrates 1ms SER

Cyber Sciences presents the SockMonkey game!  The Sock Monkey (Jack-in-the-Box) game uses a CyTime SER-3200 Event Recorder to demonstrate the concept of Sequence-of-Events-Recording (SER).   Players compete in a fast-action game in which the CyTime SER records players’ reaction times with 1-ms accuracy, and results are shown in the SER Events web page, viewed with any web browser.
Read more about SockMonkey SER

Cyber Sciences launches new and improved web site!

Welcome to the new and improved Cyber Sciences web site!  We hope you will find the revised site design and new content useful.   Please check out the new sections on markets and technologies, FAQs, and expanded library, including images and drawings and faster access to white papers and other technical documentation.  And if you don't find what you need, please just contact us and let us help you.

CyTime™ Event Recorders Now Certified to Global Standards (CE and RCM, UL, FCC)

Cyber Sciences announces CE Mark (Europe) and RCM Mark (Australia) indicating that all applicable testing to these standards is complete for its CyTime SER-3200/2408 Event Recorders.  Units will begin shipping with these marks—in addition to UL-Listing (Canada and US) and FCC.   [ Full press release ]
Read more about the CyTime SER-3200/2408

CyTime™ SER-3200/2408 Native PME Drivers Announced

Schneider Electric announced today that it has completed work on native drivers for its Structureware Power Monitoring Expert (PME) software to support CyTime SER-3200/2408 Event Recorders from Cyber Sciences.  PME software v.7.2.2 and later will include these drivers, which are also available for free download.  For more information, please contact Schneider Electric.
Read more about the CyTime SER-3200/2408

New CyTime™ SER Events Export-to-Excel Feature

Cyber Sciences announces a powerful new Export-Events feature for CyTime Sequence of Events Recorders, models SER-3200 and SER-2408, making it easy to share event data with Microsoft® Excel or other software. A simple "Export" button on the device's own Events web page allows the user to choose how and where to save event records to a csv file for analysis of time-stamped events.   [ Full press release ]
Read more about the CyTime SER-3200/2408

SER-2408 Named CSE 2014 Product of the Year Finalist!

The CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder, model SER-2408, by Cyber Sciences was named a Finalist in the Monitoring category by Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine in its prestigious 2014 competition.   With 24 high-speed digital inputs, 8 control relay outputs, and data-log groups with simultaneous recording of inputs/outputs, the cost-effective SER-2408 enables specialized reporting of mandatory test compliance in healthcare and other critical-power facilities.  
Read more about the CyTime SER-2408

New CyTime™ SER-2408 24-Input/8 Output Event Recorder

Cyber Sciences announces the powerful new CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder, model SER-2408, designed to help simplify testing of emergency power supply systems (EPSS) in mission-critical facilities.   With 24 high-speed digital inputs, 8 control relay outputs, and data-log groups with simultaneous recording of inputs/outputs, the cost-effective SER-2408 enables specialized reporting of mandatory test compliance in healthcare and other critical-power facilities.   The SER-2408 is available with up to 32GB memory for distributed storage of user drawings and documentation.   [ Full press release ]
Read more about the CyTime SER-2408


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