Firmware downloads

Cyber Sciences also provides firmware updates for selected products. Download firmware update kits and add the latest functionality to your CSI products.

New Firmware Release

SER FW v2.21 is now available for download


Cyber Sciences provides firmware updates for selected products. Firmware update packages may be downloaded from the web site and used by qualified personnel to add the latest functionality to CSI products in the field. Typically these updates may be performed over a network and take just a few minutes to complete. Cyber Sciences strongly recommends updating your products to the latest firmware versions. Click links below for information on latest firmware versions and instructions.

firmware updates


Firmware version 1.04 (current release for STR-100, base model)
Firmware version 1.10 (current release for STR-100/IRIG-B, model with IRIG-B output option)



Firmware updates should be made over a wired local area network connection (not wireless or over the Internet). Updates require a device reset during which time normal operation (event recording, Modbus access) is suspended. This could impact users relying on remote access. Ensure all users are aware of the pending update.

MORE ON THE SER-3200/2408

To decide if a firmware update is appropriate for your installation or to determine if a particular issue has been fixed in a subsequent release, please consult the published release notes.


Other Update Notes