Data Center Power Monitoring Systems

Data centers that depend on constant power can benefit from the addition of Cyber Sciences, now part of Trystar power monitoring systems, such as Sequence of Events Recorders (SERs), by capturing the most accurate data available for power loss recovery and post-event analysis. In addition, SERs can provide valuable data when testing emergency power systems for operations and reliability. Our SERs time sync connected electrical components and time stamp events to 1 millisecond, helping to ensure the accuracy, efficiency and safety of normal and emergency power systems.

Sequence of Event Recorder


Some events cannot be anticipated and it’s even worse if they cannot be explained. SER systems record the exact time of the initiating event (root event), as well as the cascade of resulting events, all in chronological order. This provides the data needed to quickly determine what happened and what action is required.

Why Precision Data?

Precision data logged by an SER can be used for:

  • Root-cause analysis, and event reconstruction after a power outage
  • Verification, testing and maintenance of emergency power supply systems (EPSS)
  • Advanced warning of slow breakers – before they fail or increase arc-flash hazard
  • Documentation for electric utility, insurance, warranty, or legal purposes.

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For Data Centers, Always-on, Reliable Power is Essential

Data Center power outages are costly and can damage your reputation as well as lead to increased liabilities and non-compliance issues.

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Cyber Sciences… the world leader in critical power loss event recording.

Whether it’s event reconstruction, post-event analysis or detailed reporting of switching to backup systems, our data center power monitoring systems help ensure the reliability, efficiency, and safety of standard and emergency power systems.



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Sequence of Event Recorder

Model Numbers: SER-32e

Cyber Sciences Sequence of Event Recorders are beneficial to event reconstruction and power restoration. These solutions precisely synchronize equipment across the power system and accurately record events to 1 millisecond providing users with the most reliable and accurate data. This data is easily integrated into any power monitoring system for enhanced analysis and quick recovery from power events. Product Page

The CyTime Event Manager

A Single Point of Reference For Multiple Sequence of Events Recorders

The CyTime Event Manager provides the ability to view and monitor I/O status from multiple Cyber Sciences Sequence of Event Recorders (SERs) in one easy to understand web interface. This helps to provide an overall view of the diagnostic health of the critical power system. Product Page

Cyber Sciences

No matter how well designed, no critical facility system can operate indefinitely without failure. When something goes wrong you need answers, and fast! Cyber Sciences… the world leader in critical power loss event recording.

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  • Data Center Power Monitoring Systems

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  • Data Center Power Monitoring Systems

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  • Data Center Power Monitoring Systems

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