CyTime SER-3200/2408 Sequence of Events Recorder (SER) provide 1 ms event recording for up to 32 channels. These devices enable root-cause analysis of complex power systems—now using Precision Time Protocol (PTP) for hi-res time-sync over Ethernet.

  • Time-stamped event recording for 32 channels, 1ms accuracy
  • Isolated digital inputs with configurable filter, debounce and chatter
  • Up to 8192 Events stored in non-volatile memory
  • Ethernet connectivity, Modbus TCP and web technologies
  • GPS time sync via PTP (IEEE 1588 Master/Slave), IRIG-B or DCF77
  • Time output (IRIG-B, DCF77, ASCII) to other devices
  • Other time-sync options include NTP, Modbus TCP or Inter-SER (RS-485)
  • High-speed trigger to capture waveforms by a compatible power meter
  • Open/close relay outputs over an Ethernet network (Modbus TCP)
  • Operations counters with date/time of the last reset, per channel
  • UL Listed, CE Mark, RCM, FCC, RoHS compliance
CyTime™ Sequence of Events Recorder—SER-3200/SER-2408

Sequence of Events Recorder (SER)

Know what happened and when—to 1 millisecond! CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder models SER-3200/SER-2408 record status changes of up to 32 channels, time-stamped to 1 ms.   Time synchronization is achieved via PTP (IEEE 1588), IRIG-B, DCF77, NTP, Modbus TCP or an RS-485 signal from another SER.   An embedded web server allows setup over a network using a standard browser, plus easy access to all events, status and even custom pages you create (or we’ll do them for you).

CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder is the first to use PTP to achieve “hi-res” time synchronization over Ethernet for commercial/industrial applications. One CyTime SER serves as PTP master and all other CyTime SER devices sync automatically within 100 microseconds—without special Ethernet switches.  Since most relays or meters don’t yet support PTP, an SER-3200/2408 also serves as the time-sync master for these devices, generating the legacy protocol (IRIG-B, DCF77, etc) required.  This eliminates the redundant cabling between equipment lineups normally needed for 1ms timing.


Data Centers

The CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder enables accurate event recording in modern data center Electrical Power Monitoring Systems (EPMS). [ More ]


Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS) in hospitals use the CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder in automatic test and reporting systems to ensure reliable backup power and document compliance with testing regulations. [ More ]

Power SCADA for Process Industries

The SER-3200/SER-2408 Sequence of Events Recorder offers precision event recording for supervisory control and data acquisition systems in continuous processes such as refineries and water treatment plants. [ More ]

Microgrids and Alternative Energy

The CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder provides critical data for root-cause analysis in microgrids and alternative energy networks, such as wind, solar and fuel cells. When used with compatible power monitors or protective relays, the SER-3200/SER-2408 trigger waveform captures coincident with events, for advanced diagnostics and preventive maintenance. [ More ]

Reliable operation.   Dedicated event-processor captures cascading events reliably—zero-blind-time—independent of network traffic or other demands on processor bandwidth (unlike some relays, meters, and PLCs).

Know breaker opening times.    The SER-3200/2408 records the exact time of the initiating event (e.g., relay trip) and resulting state (tripped) to calculate breaker opening times under different load conditions.  [ See Tech Note for details ]

Hi-res (1-ms) time-sync over Ethernet via PTP.   Just set the first SER time, all other SER’s sync automatically using PTP (IEEE 1588).

Simple setup.   An embedded web server hosts intuitive web pages to facilitate setup and monitoring—no software to install.

Advanced troubleshooting.   Trigger output to command a compatible power meter to capture current and voltage waveforms coincident with an event.

Ordening Info: Price List
Catalog No. Description
SER-3200-P2X2 CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder, 32 inputs (24Vdc)
SER-3200-PTP CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder, 32 inputs, plus PTP
SER-3200-32GB CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder, 32 inputs, PTP + 32GB
SER-2408-P2X2 CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder, 24 in / 8 outputs (24Vdc)
SER-2408-PTP CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder, 24 in / 8 outputs, PTP
SER-2408-32GB CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder, 24 in / 8 outputs, PTP + 32GB
PTP-UPGRADE PTP Field Upgrade Kit for CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder SER-3200/SER-2408
EZC-IRIG-B EZ Connector for SER, IRIG-B input
EZC-DCF77 EZ Connector for SER, DCF77 input
PLX-5V PTP Legacy Interface OUT (5V output)
PLX-24V PTP Legacy Interface OUT (24V output)

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