Precision Time Synchronization & the Electrical System

Precision time synchronization of power system devices over Ethernet is becoming commonplace, especially for modern critical power projects. If you are new to this topic, or haven’t studied it for a while, the amount of technical information may seem overwhelming…

To create a reliable design for your critical power management plan, adding Sequence of Events Recorders (SER) helps provide a fine-tuned analysis of power usage. Sequence of Events Recorders use precision timing to time stamp actions for: Accurate monitoring of power transfer, analyzing breaker functioning and reliability, using data to track power loss events and reconstruct ‘what happened and when’. Cyber Sciences SERs create simple but precise time sync for entire power distribution system (PDS).

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Key Links

  • Time Synching Using PTP Design Guide: Click Here
  • SER System Design Guide: Click Here
  • IRIG-B Time Code Standard Design Guide: Click Here
  • Overview of DCF77 Time Protocol: Click Here
  • Overview of 1per10 Time Protocol: Click Here
  • Multiple SERs Can Share a Single GPS Antenna: Click Here
  • Mixing RS485 2-Wire/4-Wire Systems With CNV-100: Click Here
  • SER Device Selection Guide: Click Here
  • Overview of ASCII/RS-485 Time Protocol: Click Here
  • Measuring Breaker Opening Times With CyTime SER3200/2804: Click Here

Cyber Sciences

The Need For Precision Time Protocol

Whether its event reconstruction, post event analysis or detailed reporting of switching to backup systems, critical facilities trust Cyber Sciences to help ensure the reliability, efficiency and safety of normal and emergency power systems.

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No matter how well designed, no critical facility system can operate indefinitely without failure. When something goes wrong you need answers, and fast! Cyber Sciences… the world leader in critical power loss event recording.

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