The STR-100 Satellite Time Reference uses GPS technology to provide accurate time and date to synchronize power system devices using DCF77, 1per10 or IRIG-B protocols.

  • Accepts Acutime GG antenna output or Modulated IRIG-B
  • Time sync outputs: DCF77 or 1per10
  • IRIG-B time sync output (model STR-100/IRIG-B)
  • IRIG-B Distribution Module (STR-IDM) allows extended distances for IRIG-B
  • UL Listed, CE Mark, FCC, RoHS compliance


The STR-100 Satellite Time Reference is a microprocessor-based device that accepts GPS time signals from a smart antenna or receiver and outputs a time synchronization signal to power system devices for sequence of events recording (SER) applications.

The GPS time source may be a Trimble Acutime™ GG GPS “smart antenna” or an amplitude-modulated IRIG-B signal. The STR converts this time data to a DCF77 or 1per10 protocol signal to provide time synchronization for up to 32 devices, including PowerLogic meters and Sepam relays by Schneider Electric, Eaton and Siemens.

Accurate time synchronization. 
Outputs time signal with an accuracy of +/- 50 microseconds.

IRIG-B and DCF77 are widely used in electric utility, industrial, healthcare and data center applications for sequence of events recording.

IRIG-B Distribution Enhanced 
The optional STR-IDM simplifies wiring of IRIG-B time synchronization signals and allows daisy-chain topology to save cable and labor costs.  Used with the PLX-24V or STR-100/ IRIG-B Satellite Time Reference, the IDM enables the distribution of an IRIG-B signal over long distances and to multiple devices (up to 8 devices per IDM).

Ordening Info: Price List
Catalog No. Description
STR-100 Satellite Time Reference, outputs DCF77, 1per10
STR-100/IRIG-B Satellite Time Reference, outputs IRIG-B
STR-IDM IRIG-B Distribution Module (IDM) for STR-100/IRIG-B

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