Critical power facilities such as data centers, hospitals, industrial automation, micro-grids and transportation hubs share one thing in common, they simply can’t afford to have downtime. Mission critical facilities can lose millions of dollars from just one outage. Having accurate and reliable data to help pinpoint the source of problem is critical in getting operations back up and running as quickly as possible. Solutions such as the STR-100 and Sequence of Events Recorder are a crucial part of the power monitoring system for these type of facilities to help with event reconstruction in determining what happened and when it occurred.


Cyber Sciences offers products for power reliability and industrial automation, characterized by industrial grade temperature ratings and UL listing. Typical industrial markets include refineries, semi-conductor manufacturing, water and waste-water treatment, food and beverage plants and small manufacturing facilities.

For instance, if the distributed control system (DCS) is running one time clock, a PLC has another and the database server has a third time and they all drift independently, this could cause a problem. Sequenced operations, I/O, alarming and synchronized motion are all applications that require synchronized clocks. Our Sequence of Events Recorders not only monitor the many I/O points from equipment and sensors, we also seamlessly propagate synchronize time through the entire system supporting multiple time protocols required by different devices.

Microgrids and alternative energy

Microgrids are electrical power distribution systems specifically designed to be operated independently of the electric power grid. Often, these include alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar power, with storage batteries and means to ensure system stability while connected to the grid or in ‘island’ mode.

These complex power networks require challenging engineering and dynamic controls. To ensure reliable power, root-cause analysis is needed to understand the ‘sequence of events’, not only for disaster recovery, but to diagnose any abnormal condition long before these lead to instability or outages.


Larger college campuses today consist of multiple buildings from classrooms to sports facilities, parking lots to data centers. Each one of these buildings may have a separate power requirement and separate emergency power requirements.

Some buildings may only need power for safety systems, designed to protect the building population in emergencies. Other buildings such as research laboratories may need more complicated power solutions, using backup power such as microsites when necessary.

With complicated electrical systems, having the right data immediately can help reduce outage costs (both labor and critical functions). By implementing Sequence of Event Recorders (SERs), facility managers have access to data with 1 millisecond accuracy to take action quickly in restoring power.


Transporting people and goods around the world is vital for local and global economies. Power availability and reliability that support these systems for complex modes of transportation. Airports for example require a continuous supply of power to operate runways, towers and radar systems vital to the well being and safety of passengers, pilots and ground personnel. And if the power goes out, finding the root cause and getting systems back on quickly is a must.

Sequence of Event Recorders (SERs) can be used in conjunction with Electrical Power Monitoring Systems to continually monitor the electrical distribution system and provide the needed information to perform root-cause analysis in the event of an outage.

Cyber Sciences

No matter how well designed, no critical facility system can operate indefinitely without failure. When something goes wrong you need answers, and fast! Cyber Sciences… the world leader in critical power loss event recording.

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