Prepare for Unavoidable Disruptions

With the ever-increasing disruptions in utility power, confidence in the Emergency Power Supply System’s (EPSS) ability to move from normal to stand-by power is very important. Regular EPSS testing increases the probability of identifying reliability issues and reduces the risk of losing emergency power. Remote monitoring systems have certainly increased the efficiency and consistency of performing and documenting testing. The more reliable and accurate the data gathered during testing, the more powerful the diagnostic assessments of the system. However, with so much on the line the need for the most accurate data is crucial in maintaining equipment and ensuring reliability.

  • Sequence of Events Recorders for Healthcare Facilities
  • Sequence of Events Recorders for Healthcare Facilities
  • Sequence of Events Recorders for Healthcare Facilities

Know What Happened and Why

When an actual power event happens

As evidenced by the impact of recent natural disasters on hospitals, there is no guarantee compliance to testing and maintenance procedures can prevent a failure of the emergency power system. When the lights go out, understanding the root cause of the issue and how it cascaded in the system is paramount to getting things back up and running as soon as possible. Our Sequence of Events Recorder for healthcare facilities captures the power incident in detail from the first event to the last in a precise order, so information is available to take decisive action, quickly and reduce the effect of the power outage.

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Increase Patient Safety by Reducing System Vulnerability

Sequence of Events Recorders for healthcare facilities monitor and record the status changes of inputs from equipment such as the automatic transfer switches, switchgear breakers and uninterrupted power systems. This provides the confidence to know that the system is operating exactly as designed or if any changes occur to the equipment over time, threatening system stability.

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Why Precision Timing Is Critical for Hospital Emergency Power Supply Systems

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Sequence of Events Recorder


The Cyber Sciences Sequence of Events Recorder enables automated tests of the Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) to deliver the most precise data for evaluation and assessment. For example the SER-32e can be used to monitor the status changes in EPSS equipment as well as put this equipment in test mode via the 8 output relay module. Learn more about the Sequence of Events Recorder and the many ways it is used in hospital applications.

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The CyTime Event Manager

A Single Point of Reference for Multiple Sequence of Events Recorders

The CyTime Event Manager provides the ability to view and monitor I/O status from multiple Cyber Sciences Sequence of Event Recorders (SERs) in one easy to understand web interface. This helps to provide an overall view of the diagnostic health of the critical power system.

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  • Sequence of Events Recorders for Healthcare Facilities

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  • Sequence of Events Recorders for Healthcare Facilities

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  • Sequence of Events Recorders for Healthcare Facilities

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No matter how well designed, no healthcare facility can operate indefinitely without failure. When something goes wrong, you need answers, and fast! Cyber Sciences… the world leader in critical power loss event recording for the healthcare industry.

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