Event Manager (EM-100)

The CyTimeTM Event Manager provides the ability to view and monitor I/O status from multiple Cyber Sciences Sequence of Event Recorders (SERs) in one easy to understand web interface.

  • Monitor Unlimited SERs from One Browser: Get quick analysis of each SER on the network, with an easy to view and understand user interface
  • Event Logs: View at once, the event logs from all connected devices on the network
  • I/O Status: Instantly view all I/O status ON/OFF indicators on each circuit per each SER located on the system
    Diagnostics: Quickly and easily ascertain diagnostics on each individual system device
  • Easy installation and setup: Setup is simple and straightforward. With access from a standard web browser and simple to use set-up tools, you’ll be up and running quickly.
  • DIN Rail Mounted: Easy to install DIN rail mounted device, with quick connection to the system network via ethernet cable
  • Robust Hardware Solution: The CyTime Event Recorder software is contained within a compact RISC based computer.
  • Rated for higher heat applications: -40O to 167OF(-40o to 75oC)
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CyTime™ Event Manager EM-100

CyTime Event Manager (EM-100)

The CyTime™ Event Manager allows users to view and monitor input/output (I/O) status from multiple Sequence of Event Recorders (SERs) in one easy to read web interface. The Event Manager also allows the user to consolidate events from all downstream SERs pertaining to a single incident, providing powerful event reconstruction analysis. This valuable resource can help identify power loss events quicker, saving time and money for power restoration in critical power applications.  The Event Manager hardware platform is a DIN rail mounted unit programmed with the Event Manager software pre-installed. License keys allow for the monitoring from 25 to an unlimited number of SERs, depending on the application.

Ordening Info: Price List
Catalog No. Description
EM-100-25 CyTime™ Event Manager, DIN Rail Mount (25 Unit Support)
EM-100-UNL CyTime™ Event Manager, DIN Rail Mount (Unlimited Support)
EM-100-UPG CyTime™ Event Manager Upgrade (Upgrade from 25 to Unlimited Unit Support)

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