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Product Doc. No. Document title Date Size Type
Case Study - How Precision Time Protocol Saved a Data Center from Frequent Power Losses CS-CSi-01 Case Study 04/13/2021 1.55 MB
Data Center Brochure BR-CSI-03 Insuring Reliable Power for Data Centers 08/27/2020 5.01 MB
Company Brochure BR-CSI-02 Taking the Guesswork out of Critical Power Loss Reconstruction and Restoration 06/15/2020 3.38 MB
Healthcare Brochure BR-CSI-01 Healthcare Brochure 03/09/2020 4.40 MB
EM-100 IB-EM-01 EM-100 CyTime Event Manager Instruction Bulletin 08/29/2019 3.80 MB
EM-100 DS-EM-01 EM-100 CyTime Event Manager Data Sheet 08/29/2019 627.97 KB
EM-100 HO-EM-01 EM-100 CyTime Event Manager Hand Out 08/29/2019 3.31 MB
EM-100 IB-EM-02 EM-100 CyTime Event Manager Installation Manual 08/29/2019 375.83 KB
EM-100 IB-EM-03 EM-100 CyTime Event Manager Quick Start Guide 08/29/2019 673.94 KB
EM-100 PP-EM-100 EM-100 CyTime Event Manager Presentation 08/29/2019 8.80 MB
EM-100 PR-EM-01 EM-100 CyTime Event Manager Press Release 08/29/2019 45.18 KB
SER-3200/2408 FW-SER-04 Download file for the firmware update tool with instructions manual 11/20/2018 1.22 MB
STR-100/IRIG-B FW-STR-01R1 STR Firmware Update Application Instructions 09/01/2009 106.67 KB
SER-3200/2408 FW-SER-03 Sequence of Events Recorder (SER) Firmware Update Application Instructions 11/20/2018 1.28 MB
STR-100/IRIG-B IB-STR-03 Programming Instructions for Trimble Acutime 360 GPS Antenna with STR Modules 01/29/2019 1.10 MB
By Others STS3000 STS3000 Satellite Time Sync System IB (Schneider Electric) 03/01/2010 1.36 MB
By Others 200-04 IRIG Standard: IRIG Serial Time Code Formats (US Army RCC) 09/01/2004 2.53 MB
CNV-100 IB-CNV-01 CNV-100 RS-485 2-Wire/4-Wire Converter Instruction Bulletin 05/19/2016 753.81 KB
STR-IDM IB-IDM-01 IRIG-B Distribution Module (IDM) Instruction Bulletin 04/30/2016 743.48 KB
STR-100/IRIG-B IB-STR-02 STR-100/IRIG-B Satellite Time Reference IB Addendum 07/05/2011 908.79 KB
STR-100 GS-STR-01 STR-100 Satellite Time Reference Guide Spec (Word doc) 04/21/2016 64.50 KB
STR-100 GS-STR-01 STR-100 Satellite Time Reference Guide Spec (pdf) 04/21/2016 103.90 KB
STR-100 IB-STR-01 STR-100 Satellite Time Reference Instruction Bulletin 04/27/2013 2.46 MB
STR-100 DS-STR-01 STR-100 Satellite Time Reference Data Sheet 12/01/2014 1.36 MB
EZC-IRIG-B/DCF77 IB-EZC-01 EZC-IRIG-B / EZC-DCF77 Instruction Bulletin 05/05/2016 939.16 KB
PLX-5V/24V IB-PLX-01 PTP Legacy Interface (PLX-5V/24V) Instruction Bulletin 04/29/2016 658.26 KB
SER-3200/2408 PR-SER-09 SER-3200/2408 Sequence of Events Recorder with PTP Press Release 10/02/2015 31.51 KB
SER-3200/2408 PS-SER-01 SER-3200 Sequence of Events Recorder Got Events Postcard Handout (pdf) 01/18/2014 1.25 MB
SER-3200/2408 PS-SER-02 Sequence of Events Recorder -Events Happen (in Milliseconds) I-Heart-1588 Postcard Handout 11/06/2015 1.30 MB
SER-3200/2408 PS-SER-03 Events Happen (in Milliseconds) History Postcard Handout 04/29/2016 1.38 MB
SER-3200/2408 GS-SER-01 CyTime Event Recorder Guide Spec (Word doc) 09/12/2017 81.00 KB
SER-3200/2408 GS-SER-01 CyTime Event Recorder Guide Spec (pdf) 09/12/2017 81.00 KB
SER-3200/2408 FW-SER-02 SER-3200/SER-2408 CyTime Firmware Release Notes 05/25/2018 666.55 KB
SER-3200/2408 FW-SER-01 SER-3200/SER-2408 Firmware Update Instructions 01/13/2016 595.98 KB
SER-3200/2408 IB-SER-03 Sequence of Events Recorder Instruction Bulletin: PTP Field Upgrade Kit 07/29/2016 1.23 MB
SER-3200/2408 IB-SER-02 Sequence of Events Recorder Instruction Bulletin: Reference Guide 05/25/2018 1.55 MB
SER-3200/2408 IB-SER-01 Sequence of Events Recorder Instruction Bulletin: User's Guide 05/25/2018 6.46 MB
General PS-SER-04 Precision Time Synchronization Postcard Handout 03/24/2017 7.05 MB
SER-3200/2408 PP-SER-01 SER-3200/SER-2408 Event Recorder Product Presentation 09/27/2017 3.49 MB
SER-3200/2408 DS-SER-01 SER-3200/SER-2408 Event Recorder Data Sheet 10/20/2017 3.83 MB
SER-3200/2408 HO-SER-01 Handout: Sequence of Events Recording (SER) 11/30/2016 1.80 MB
Technical TN-301 Tech Note: Replacing ProTime SER with CyTime SER-3200 10/08/2015 1.02 MB
Technical TN-202 Tech Note: Measuring Breaker Opening Times with CyTime SER-3200/2408 10/22/2015 2.51 MB
Technical TN-201 Tech Note: SER Export Events to CSV 10/04/2014 851.45 KB
Technical TN-108 Tech Note: Overview of ASCII/RS-485 Time Protocol 09/27/2017 1.82 MB
Technical TN-107 Tech Note: SER Device Selection Guide 03/19/2014 1.06 MB
Technical TN-106 Tech Note: Mixing RS485 2-Wire/4-Wire Systems with CNV-100 05/19/2016 836.70 KB
Technical TN-105 Tech Note: Multiple STRs Can Share a Single GPS Antenna 01/23/2014 531.80 KB
Technical TN-104 Tech Note: Overview of 1per10 Time Protocol 09/27/2017 1.88 MB
Technical TN-103 Tech Note: Overview of DCF77 Time Protocol 09/27/2017 1.72 MB
Technical TN-102 Tech Note: Overview of IRIG-B Time Code Standard for Sequence of Events Recorder 09/27/2017 2.37 MB
Technical TN-101 Tech Note: SER System Design Guide 09/27/2017 6.56 MB
Technical TN-100 Tech Note: Hi-Res Time-Sync Using PTP (IEEE 1588) 09/27/2017 3.78 MB
General PS-PTP-01 Poster: Precision Time Using PTP (IEEE 1588) 07/14/2016 1.12 MB
General PP-PTP-01 EPMS-HD: Power Management in High Definition Presentation 09/27/2017 2.14 MB
General DS-PTP-01 EPMS-HD: Power Management in High Definition Data Sheet 07/22/2017 3.02 MB

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