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Cyber Sciences announces partnership with METRUM, LTDA

May 18, 2021

Cyber Sciences is pleased to announce the addition of METRUM, Measure and Test Equipment, LTDA as our sales partner in Brazil. Founded in 2002, METRUM has a wealth of experience in the electric energy sector including solutions for ​​energy measurement & billing, energy efficiency, and power quality. With main offices located in Belo Horizonte, METRUM is among the largest companies serving the electrical sector in Brazil and is known for their solution capability and expertise. The firm serves many of the world’s largest companies who depend on power quality for business continuity. The METRUM portfolio includes a broad range of electrical components such as meters, harmonic filters, industrial networking, grid automation, time synchronization and related software solutions. They also offer a variety of services to support design, integration and testing.

Cyber Sciences, Inc. (CSI) is a manufacturer of high-quality specialty products for monitoring and control of electrical distribution systems for data centers, hospitals, microgrids and alternative energy and other critical-power facilities. Products include Sequence of Events Recorders (SER), Event Manager consoles and GPS time synchronization equipment. For over 20 years Cyber Sciences has provided quality products to the most demanding mission-critical customers in the electrical industry.

Both firms are excited by this partnership and the opportunity in Brazil. As we approach the market together, both firms place great importance on being highly responsive to customer needs to ensure the reliability and safety of mission-critical power systems.

For more information please contact:

Fred Miller, Business Development, Cyber Sciences, Inc. +1 (615) 887-0878,

Pedro Dias, Director of Sales & Marketing, METRUM LTDA. +55 (31) 3492-6944,