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Event Manager FW 1.1.0 Now Available

April 14, 2020

Cyber Sciences announces exciting new features for the CyTimeTM Event Manager!

The CyTime Event Manager provides the ability to view and monitor the I/O status and diagnostic health of multiple Cyber Sciences Sequence of Event Recorders (SERs) in one easy to use web interface. It can also consolidate the events from all downstream SERs pertaining to a single incident, providing powerful event reconstruction analysis.

The latest update provides newly added features which include:

  • Remote Firmware Update of any SER on the Network: Easily update firmware on any SER located on the network, configure time synchronization settings, input and output settings.
  • Password Management: Manage and change passwords of connected SER devices.
  • Custom Templates: Create custom templates to use when duplicating settings such as; input naming, time synch input protocol, and others on setup of multiple SERs.

The Event manager is a valuable resource to help identify power loss events quicker, saving time and money for power restoration in critical power applications.

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