Precision Timing for Reliable Power.  Simplified.
Industrial Plant


Cyber Sciences offers products for power reliability and industrial automation, characterized by industrial-grade temperature ratings and UL-listing.  Typical industrial markets include refineries, semiconductor manufacturing, water and water treatment, food and beverage plants, and small manufacturing facilities.

I have legacy devices that use RS-485 4-wire communications, but I need to connect these to a 2-wire network.   The CNV-100 from Cyber Sciences is simple—it just works! 

Pulse Counting for WAGES Today's Power Monitoring and Control Systems (PMCS) monitor more than just electrical power and energy.   WAGES (Water Air Gas Electric Steam) monitoring integrates data from all these critical plant utilities, usually by counting pulses from a variety of meters.   Unlike PLC I/O which requires custom engineering services and PLC programming, the CyTime SER-3200 can be configured in minutes to count high-speed pulses (up to 32 channels) and communicate to PMCS software using Modbus TCP over Ethernet.

Sequence of Events Recording Systems.  Sequence of Events Recording (SER) systems provide high-speed logging of power system events, time-stamped to 1ms accuracy.  Typically, a GPS antenna and receiver obtains a highly accurate time reference, and this is distributed to SER devices using PTP (IEEE 1588) or a legacy protocol such as IRIG-B or DCF77..  SER devices then maintain their own clocks synchronized to this time, allowing recorded events to be compiled and analyzed from all devices in the system, not simply in isolation.  This information is essential for plant engineers and maintenance personnel to reconstruct "what happened and when" following an incident.

RS-485 Connectivity A frequent challenge facing controls engineers is integration of devices from multiple vendors.  Even products from the same vendor can have interoperability problems, especially when mixing devices from different divisions or product generations.  To ensure reliable operation of 2-wire and 4-wire RS-485 devices, Cyber Sciences offers its CNV-100 RS-485 2-wire to 4-wire converter.  It's a small device, but it can solve big problems!