Accessories & Services

Cyber Sciences offers 3rd-party accessories and services to help your project go smoothly.

  • BNC adapter to facilitate twisted-pair wiring instead of coax.
  • Custom web page development by Cyber Sciences to meet unique project requirements.
Accessories and Services

Accessories and Services

Cyber Sciences offers services and 3rd-party accessories to facilitate GPS time-sync and sequence of events recording. We want your project to go smoothly. Get 3rd-party products directly from your normal supplier or ask us to include them in your comprehensive quote—whatever is best for you.  And since CyTime Event Recorders, SER-3200/2408, can be further customized with special web pages unique to each site, we can create those for you. Just ask. Here’s a quick overview of each category of accessory or service available:

BNC Wiring Adapter.  In case you want to run twisted-pair cable between devices instead of coax, the BNC-2W adapter (Pomona part no. 1296) connects to the side BNC connector of the STR-100 and STR-100/IRIG-B modules. Coax cable is typically run point-to-point, while twisted-pair cabling can be daisy-chained to multiple devices.

Services. View our online training videos to learn more about GPS time-sync technologies and Sequence of Events Recorders.  And if your project has unique requirements, ask us about customized web pages.  For example, we can design a page with links to equipment drawings, product photos, training videos or documents stored in the device’s onboard memory—up to 32GB of storage space!

Ordering Info: How to Buy
Catalog No. Description
BNC-2W BNC-to-screw-terminal adapter (2 wire)
GPS-TECH-GPS Online training, GPS time synchronization
GPS-TECH-SER Online training, CyTime SER-3200 Event Recorder
CUSTOM-WEB Custom web page for CyTime SER-3200/2408

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