SER-32e Input and Output Modules

Designed with flexibility in mind... Digital Input Modules and Relay Output Modules for the SER-32e.


Flexible: Use any combination of Input or Output Modules for the ultimate in flexibility.

Expandable: Easily add Input or Outputs Modules to the SER-32e without adding any additional footprint. Great for initial site plans or retro-fits!

Value Added: Add up to 16 additional Digital Inputs to an SER-32e for a total of 48 Inputs. Or add up to 16 Solid State Relay Outputs.

Automatic Interface: The SER-32e automatically recognizes newly installed Input or Output Modules without any need to update software.



Input/Output Module Installation Video
Installation Video
eXM-DI-08, eXM-RO-08

Input/Output Modules – SER-32e

SER-32e Digital Input Module: (Model Number: eXM-DI-08)

Each input module provides eight (8) high-speed digital inputs with millisecond time stamping. The CyTime™ SER-32e Sequence of Events Recorder provides two (2) option slots allowing its native 32 high-speed inputs to be expanded to a maximum of 48 inputs, all with millisecond time stamping to enable root-cause analysis and advanced system diagnostics.

The Digital Input Module provides the ability to expand the native 32 high-speed inputs of the SER-32e to 40 or 48 inputs without the need for additional space or control power.

SER-32e Relay Output Module: Model Number: (eXM-RO-08)

Each output module provides eight (8) solid-state Form-A relay outputs. The SER-32e provides two (2) option slots allowing its native high-speed inputs to be complimented with up to sixteen (16) relay outputs for status indication and non-critical control applications. These outputs can be useful for status indication and triggering operation of test and control sequences. Outputs on the SER-32e and eXM-RO-08 are not recommended or intended for critical control applications.

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Catalog No. Description
eXM-DI-08 8-input option module, 24 VDC, pluggable screw terminal connector
eXM-RO-08 8-output option module, 24 VDC, pluggable screw terminal connector

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